The words for Attos

A very innovative game which is a combination of Mental and Physical activity, its a fun sport and only sport that contains two balls at a time to play which reduces stress and energizes an individual.
Promad Madhwaraj

Sports Minister of Karnataka

The sport includes Mental and Physical activity, one good thing in the position of holding the Fannle, the mudra position of the Yoga will have presence, this will help to release the stress and improve mental strength.
Kiran Kumar HK

Director of Physical Education

MSRIT Bangalore

A fun sport for mental developement and physical activity, only sports of its kind that is played on 2 balls.
Shiv Kumar Swamy

Physical Education Director

Ramiah Degree College, Bangalore

Attos is a challenging innovative game that has taken a different path from that of traditional sport. A 2 ball concept is a significant game which covers the aspects like physical, mental and social benefits.
Ashok . S

Physical Education Teacher

Vidya Niketan School, MSR Nagar, Bangalore

Attos Honoured With Copyright Certificate

Accessories Patented

  • Certified

    Successfuly held R&D events for 3 years to bring out the most efficient designs.

  • Fannle

    Invented especially to perform all the required moves in the game, its desigend for comfort.

  • Attos Board

    Tested, desigend and redesigend to bring out a board that entertains at its maximum.

Physically Active Sport

  • Accupressure Effect

    Health benefits of pressure on finger points like blood circilation, anxiety, anger control assistance.

  • Brain Developement

    Invented especially to perform all the required moves in the game, its desigend for comfort.

  • Reaction Time

    Attos gets faster and faster as the game moves on, thus making the players to decide quicker and quicker.

Skill based Sport

  • Improves Tallent

    It stimulates the co-ordination between mind and different parts of the body hence making youth smarter.

  • Increases Focus

    A player has to make his body and mind stable to concentrate on the event while making attempts in the sport.

  • Lowers Stress

    Attos gets faster and faster as the game moves on, thus making the players to decide faster and faster.

  • Brisk Exercise

    Light body movements, forward and side bendings with frequent all round neck and hands movements.

  • Quality Time

    Players have voted as the "best smart non-tiring sport". Attos can be a great reason to reunite with family and friends.

  • Safest Sport

    No hard hitting, no sudden jerk; only fun and happiness prevails. With over 3 years of Attos there is not a single case of injury.

Attos a new way to - Happiness

Our Motto "To give Humanity a new way to Express, Cheer and Celebrate."

Attos, a creative sport invented to entertain both the players and the viewers.. If you like sport, you will love Attos.

Sporting is the best way to have a quality time with family and friends, and Attos is the one that suits for it. Like few sports that are on peoples' mind and heart, Attos deserves the same status. "Attos" we call it The Fun Sport..!!

Attos is created by Sandeep Singh, the backbone of the invention and CEO Poonup has its office in Bangalore. " We have trained sevral teams at HMT Club Bangalore, and I was surprised to see the excellent moves in the sport within few weeks of practice" - Sandeep.

With a successful shoot of our first video, we are looking forward to the level it deserves. An interaction with several media channel is in the process and we a re hoping to bring positive outcome.

This is a revolutionery mevement and Poonup is passionate to take this FUN next level, the level it deserves.
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