Accessories Patented

  • Gluble Board

    Tested, desigend and redesigend to bring out a board that entertains at its maximum.

  • Fannle

    Invented especially to perform all the required moves in the game, its desigend for comfort.

  • Play

    Find teams around your locality.Join a team or create your own. Request teams for a match.

Our goal and mission is to establish a new way to - Happiness

Our Motto "To give Humanity a new way to Express, Cheer and Celebrate."

Gluble, a sport born to give you a happiness at access and a new way to sport. Be at home, office, or country side, this game has everything you need to get excitement.

Sporting is the best medicine, and its possible to sport with "Fannle" anywhere you want whether you are alone or with dozens of freinds. We call it a Decent Sport..!!

Not only we give you the stick but we also share how to play this with ease, our online links will train you with in few days. A 20 minutes practice daily and you will be mastering the art of new shots and bounces.

Come forward, lets join our hands together in a revolutionery mevement and take this FUN to next level, the level it deserves.
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